Saturday, 6 September 2014

I wanna CHAOS - Ajoura

Greetings, viewers.

In the light of recent events you may think we had gone underground. But the situation is still under control, the work is in progress, and that's why we want to tell you something important. Well, by "we" I mean myself, the team's composer, the one snarking in comments.

Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce myself. Ajoura, nice to meet you.

What shall I tell you? Looks like my colleagues already cleared all the matters for you, and I don't actually want to repeat their words. That's why let's get to business - let me show you demo versions of my pieces written specially for Saki and Rika, one for a person. Disclaimer: These are demo versions made only using computer. Later they'll be remade using real-life instruments, final release might also be totally unrecognizable.

For some reason Saki immediately was well-received by her root writer, and even our pernickety editor rated it good. And for me it was a nice opportunity to test-drive my new Ondes Martenot soundbank. Such a good instrument, but nearly impossible to find in real life. That's why we'll just use samples and be happy.

Rika had been remade two times exactly. At first she appeared as creepy and dark as a grim reaper, so our editor asked me to rebuild her. Even now he sees something unfinished in her, but it is also a signal reminding about the need to polish and finish the demo-version. Which is exactly what we need.

You may have noticed that my pieces are written in style not like NicolArmarfi's (who is an original KS composer, by the way) That's because before starting to make music for mod I've already established some iconic style gimmicks, which I need to develop and keep afloat. That's why Saki and Rika's themes are made in a less romantic and more minimal style.

This is basically all I can tell you about the music for mod, Stay tuned, wait for fresh news, and remember: kind glances of yours make Saki and Rika smile.

As well as me. :D
Note from ħomk:
Our second composer decided not to advertise himself, only music and brief.
So here I`m publishing links to Saki`s and Rika`s themes.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dev Logs: Second Encounter/Дневники разработчиков: Второе пришествие

Good news everyone! Team editor, Steel, is back on the groove!

First and the most important piece of news: beta version of first act of our mod is coming soon! And I mean - very, very soon. But I'd like to warn you that we've created a couple of different versions of first act and not yet decided which one shall we use. That's why in beta version you may see some scenes that may not present in final release.

We know how you want to learn anything about our future mod, and we shall grant your wish. This is a piece of text from the version of first act, which will (probably) appear in beta version. You could call it pre-alpha. We intentionally left old versions of sprites in this video, everything is already polished and finished - it's just for history, as we can say.

And last but not least: 4ls have finally got us. Yes, that's how it really goes. 4ls really oppose our mod development. Recently our artist was forced to delete some of her works from DeviantArt because of 4ls complaint. It did not surprise to me, but without any conversation such aggressive movements are absolutely unacceptable. I had a better opinion on them. That's why Ajoura, Freon and I are ready for a conversation and offer 4ls to discuss all the claims in Skype with their representative. We also have a professional translator on our side, who, I suppose, will help us to bring our differences to compromise.