Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fat-as-mom update


> Honestly, this is indecent, they’ve found a large group of followers that support them and wait for the smallest bit of news or at least some info about them being alive.

Sorry, bro(
Okay, at last we have the news, and a lot of them. Briefly: the text is done, the mod manager is done, the BG’s, CG’s and sprites are in progress.

Amply: text
We were absent for a long time due to idling writers. Specifically, we’ve easily done the beginning and the middle of the text, but the ending has become a pain in the ass. But the inspiration has found us and the text was born. All in all it’s not bad, kind of. Now it’s up for editors to do their job. Figuratively, we have the bones and during the editing we'll add some meat on it and it’ll be cool. And after that it’s artists’, composers’ and coders’ turn. — BlackJack

Phew. At this moment there are 226 955 symbols, a half of them is in the script format, a half is not. The text itself is smaller in volume, of course. Honestly, I am surprised by what’s been going on here. How long were we silent? For four months, I think. During the three of them I have been writing the last five pages of Rika's route, while the team was on idle. Three months were spent for five pages... though I am satisfied by what came out. I’m not sure about the others, but I really am. Mayakovsky was right about dull fish flopping about. — ħomk

Amply: arts
There was a tiny problem: one of our artists has been painting with a computer mouse since he had no alternative. So we’ve made an announcement in our groups in, and several wonderful people have funded the purchase of the graphics tablet we’ve sent to our artist.
Infinite thanks to:
  • Алексей Голубков
  • Андрей Парамонов
  • Антон Стародубцев
  • Николай Хикков
  • Рилос Дельмс
  • Семён Лебедев
Guys, really, we thank you heartily, our team tries it’s best to meet expectations, and in any case we'll mention you everywhere we can.

Amply: tech
First about this screenshot. Our mod mostly doesn’t alter original files; instead, players will choose which version to play. This method we can use thanks to our python-coder nini who’s made it, and it's cool, yahoo!
Technically, you can choose the new game to jump either to original imachine, or to our label. I think that it'll increase code’s flexbility: original Katawa has one group of files and the mod has the other.

As I’ve said before, we...okay, I decided to make mod manager for KS. To give myself some practice in the shell.
Manager is developed for linux. It's a GNU/GPL tar.gz-package; inside of it there’s a shell-script (#!/bin/bash). Dependencies: sed, tar, wget, perl-rename.

Windows porting is in progress, though whether it will be completed or not is a surprise.
Why .tar.gz? Because I couldn’t figure out .deb., and I couldn’t find the last package for .rpm. If someone wants to try that, then email
If someone wants to have fun and port it for Windows, email the address above.

What a mod manager can do
  • Install/remove
    • catspaw's mod
    • CGainmated1227's mod
    • music from Ajoura (it used to be attached to ru-lang, I have it separated from translation now, because the music’s size is several times larger than ru-lang files).
  • Install/remove
    • spanish language
    • french language
    • japanise language
    • russian language
  • Restore the original game
  • Analyze, what is installed/removed
  • Decompile all .rpyc files
  • Pack/unpack data.rpa

A somewhat muddled epilogue
We'll post more now, there'll be more updates. The team has finally gotten out of session and studies hustle and is beginning to rock. And we have a new, additional artist: RaiineRand.
P.S. BlackJack has presented me a trinket with the image of Emi, a first one in my whole life :3 I couldn't be more happy.


  1. [grammar nazi]Что такое fat-as-mom? Вы бы попросили BlackJack'а вашу англописанину пруфридить, ребята, больно читать же.[/grammar nazi]

    1. Он тыкался. Правил мой перевод, потому что там вообще коль лыка не вяжет.
      Ни у кого из нас нет профессионального английского: все учились блатыкать чего-нибудь и как-нибудь, так что мы знаем, что ошибок море.

      Пс, броняш, а как у тебя с английским?

      -- homk

    2. Граммар Наци всегда есть и всегда будут. Не думаю, что им вообще нужны оправдания. Хороший непрофессиональный английский. Разговорный и понятный.
      Пс, На сколько я могу судить, с английским я в ладах. Готов прийти на помощь в любое время.

    3. Ну, это круто, чо)
      Ты кинь контакты на , как появится дело - я напишу тебе.


  2. А я думал, что у вас там у всех A CERTAIN ONOMATOPOEIA случилась.
    Ну что ж, удачи, надеюсь, вы больше не будете пропадать на такой большой промежуток времени.

  3. Чертовски рад тому, что вы ожили. Надеюсь, что остаток мода придется не настолько долго ждать... И буду надеяться на то,что вы сможете портировать его на мак. К сожалению, в программировании я нуб и помочь не смогу.

    1. Ну, в группе вк что-то делали с Маком, думаю, я смогу найти тех людей.

      -- homk

  4. I don' t speak russian!

    So I guys I have been making a Katawa Shoujo mod for about 2 weeks or 1 month (I have no sense of time), and it's going really well. I have understanded (10/10 english) the imachine.rpy and I know how the scrip of the katawa shoujo works

    for my mod it's like the burning hearths one I will use the katawa shoujo open source.

    I'm requesting help because I needed to create a new route and after I have gone through the prealpha files it turns out I need some files that on the open source version are on rpyc, but I need them on rpy. I found some programs on the internet but didn't knew how to use them, any help?

    I might tell you guys about my mod if you help me (well if you google enough the internet you have a chance to find it. I might even create a moddb page sometime, if I get it working), but don't like make a announcement cause it's not even near being finished.

    1. Well, I we as a team can't help you: we have enough work now and, if all be good, will have enough work for a long time.

      I wanna write a manpage for Katawa modders for a long time, so, I hope, I'll answer there all the questions.
      If you don't wanna to wait - pm me to I'll explain some stuff.


  5. CGanimated12276 July 2015 at 23:58

    If you guys have not heard, I made a part 2 to KSBH. If you can, I would like it so that it's part of the original mod instead of having to download a separate instance.