Monday, 8 June 2015

b4ks here

I would like to announce our mod manager for KatawaShoujo for linux, ver. 1.0.0.
  • Here’s the link for .tar.gz archive, that contains the script.
  • PKGBUILD for archlinux.
List of archived files: ~/.b4ks/b4ks.cfg /usr/bin/b4ks /usr/share/man/man1/b4ks.1.gz
Those who wish to rebuild it for other distributives – post your comments below or mail to and I'll publish the link to your work.

  1. rewrite manual from wry English to normal
  2. assemble .deb
  3. assemble .rpm
  4. finalize the processing of ways with the spaces
  5. add gnu-style keys
  6. write the function for correct KatawaShoujo deletion


  1. So that means I can't use on my computer?

    Also I had a save problem because i have like 5 or 7 KS variations, and some of them used the same saves. Will there be a thing to fix that on the mod manager? Like change my save location on the mod I'm using? Or having multiple mods on one game?

    1. What means you can't?

      M...if you'll send me list of your mods, I'll think about it. Now user (well, "now on my netbook") can choose between with capspaw's, CGainmated1227's and original Katawa. I don't know any other mods.


    2. Well... it's complicated....
      Open Source creates a save folder for every project (open source KS variation) I put on him.
      Source is just some rpy files
      Sakura Spirit is just another VN
      Grid1 is another version of KS (save probably actual?)
      I have 2 versions of the prealpha, both of them use the same save. That's why I had to choose one game per time to play.

      But well, after me and one dev of this mod were trying to convert my KS rpyc files to rpy (he could just send the rpy ones to me, I just wanted like 5 or something), and didn't workd, but well, I "think" it has done something to my saves. So I will delete all of them now because they are probably corrupted.

      PS: Can't use on my pc because it's windows. (they said no compatibility to windows D:

  2. CGanimated122710 July 2015 at 01:39

    If you guys have not heard, I made a part 2 to KSBH. If you can, I would like it so that it's part of the original mod instead of having to download a separate instance.