Sunday, 22 June 2014

Developer`s blog: First blood/Дневники разработчиков: Первая кровь

We’re starting to post some news from workshop of mod for Katawa Shoujo in format of developer diaries. And I’ll begin to lay down my thoughts here first, as the team’s editor.

But let’s get acquainted first.
But I bet you’re not interested in this story of my sickness, don’t you, Anon? All right, let’s get to the point.

After I begun working on very raw text that it was back then, I noted several things for myself (and they were approved by other team members later) that I didn’t like in Katawa Shoujo.
  1. Linearity and obviousness of passing
    After completing such novella as “Maji de Watashi ni koishinisanai” Katawa Shoujo seems straight and easy as cake, with the most “difficult” route of Shizune with just one particular choice! It’s just my opinion, of course, but a good ending must be a result of some work and uneasy choices, not just a choice between zero and one. Player should think hard beforehand, if this accidental word would backfire at him later. Good ending should be a gift to player who passed the game, not just a tick at “Extra” menu. And when the player gets neutral or bad ending he shouldn’t just load up the save and try opposite options of what he did before, he should sit down and think “What does she want in the first place?” This mutual return of the player and the heroine gives that fuzzy feeling after a successful pass.
  2. Cropping of the stories.
    It’s not a secret that Katawa Shoujo wasn’t that happy and cheerful in the first place, but it contained some crazy shit with Misha’s death, Hanako setting her own house on fire and Nurse having pedophile kinks. After release all of that hardcore was cut out and the story was roughly glued up. You can notice it the most in Hanako’s route where the whole act was torn out. Personally, I was missing this harsh reality and the team agrees with me I think. Of course, this reality was exaggerated but since we’ve started to play a game about disabled girls with lots of drama, it should pull up to the end of the story no matter what.
  3. Segregation of the routes.
    When you get on a route with one of the girls you start to see only her with her friend, others just disappear from the universe. It was sort of explained with the fact that routes were written by different people, but in beta on which I laid my hands recently, there was no such thing. Why did they cut it out? No answer to that. Anyway, excluding other characters in my opinion wasn’t the right choice.
I’ve decided to set myself the task to fix those points, perhaps not all of them, perhaps I’ll add or remove something else, but in any case I’ll do my best to follow it all through.

And now some specific info. Currently there’re three characters being drawn, and you already know two of them: Saki and Rika. And you can see the draft of the third one at our last screenshot in previous post. We didn’t think up with a name for her, so she’s called by a temporary name of Assym-chan.

Don’t lose the blog, we still have lots of thoughts in mind and the time is catastrophically short , so maybe in a short time I’ll make up some more pasta for you.

To be continued, text was written by Steel, the editor of team Cat’s Paw.


  1. So... Let me see if I understand what you are doing:
    You are going to add more three characters to the game and you'll also modify the choices and the girls paths putting more of them and making it more... uh... dramatic?
    I think it's a great idea doing so! And I also agree with those things you said about Katawa Shoujo... There were so little choices... it was more like a book than a game... But it was OK for me since I played it for the stories and I still love it!
    Can't wait to see your works!

    1. I`ll post soon text about mod`s structure.

      I can say one thing for sure: structure will be more complicated. Well, I want this and I hope this.

  2. Ребят, ждем и верим, главное вы сами не сдавайтесь :З

  3. Абсолютно согласен, очень взвешенная и консруктивная критика. Сразу видно, что ребята вы талантливые. Надеюсь, что всё запланированное воплотится в полном объеме. Я с вами.

    1. Спасибо тебе, неизвестный Анонимус)